At Fuchs Werkzeugbau, we don’t only preach innovation, we live it.The list of examples bearing witness for this reaches a long way back. We would love to be your partner too, when it comes to transforming ideas into innovations. Just take the initiative, we are ready!


About us
MANAGING DIRECTORSMarkus Felber and Mag. Thomas Hochauer


The manufacturing technology in the fields of punching and wire bending at Fuchs Metalltechnik is top-notch. Obviously, our high-performance computer-controlled machinery is a must to sustain that claim. But over and above, we are a tool manufactuter, and employ first-class engineers. Engineers, who are specialised in metal processing, who are dedicated to quality, and who show true passion for turning this material into first-class solutions.


Our mission is leading the market in innovation, i.e. innovative products and innovative manufacturing concepts. Day by day, we strive to achieve, sustain and enhance this lead. We are constantly investing time and money in optimizing our work-flow, extending our knowledge base and the technologies we use, and selecting and intensifying partnerships. But in the end, the daily challenges we address together with our customers from the manufacturing and retail industries have been the real drivers for our remarkable growth.

Fuchs Werkzeugbau
Fuchs Werkzeugbau


Developing something new in metal technology requires people, who master the full range of traditional methods and craftmanship. At Fuchs Metalltechnik we do both. The history of the company started in 1780, as part of the historic cluster of metal processing called “The Iron Road”. Nowadays we can proudly claim:

Skilled, when it comes to metal as a material.
Industrial, with reference to manufacturing.
And innovative with regards to the market.

Over many generations we have crafted our skills and knowledge of metal, our favourite material, and have transformed this tradition into contemporary industrial dimensions. Our creed has been and continues to be innovation. This has resulted in a rare combination of product design and manufacturing know-how.

Fuchs Werkzeugbau

Certificates / Standards

ISO 9001

Defines the general requirements of our quality management, in particular for reliable serial production. Fuchs Metalltechnik has been certified according to this standard as one of the first companies in the region and is steadily aiming at further improvements.

ISO 14001

Since 2013, we have been observing high and binding standards for all processes and targets which have an influence on our environment.

About us

IATF 16949

Customer satisfaction and quality only know one direction – forward: so already today we are gauging our company to fit the requirements of ISO/TS 16949.